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CT ATM is committed to providing consumers with quick and easy cash convenience.

Proudly supporting businesses of Central/Northern CT and Western MA.

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ATM's offer last-minute cash access. Providing ATM services translates to an increase in business sales and customer satisfaction!

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Customer Retention

If your customer is in need of fast cash access, and cannot resolve this issue on your business premise, they may go elsewhere to solve it. Prioritize customer loyalty and sales by providing them with what they want and need on-site. Your satisfied customers will know exactly where to go next time they need convenient cash, as well.


- The average ATM is used 300 times per month

- Stores or businesses with an ATM increase annual sales by 20-30%

- 40% of ATM users visit an ATM 8-10 times per month

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Increasing Sales

When customers have access to cash, they are more willing to spend. Therefore, when an ATM is available on-site, customers will most likely spend the cash they withdraw in your business. It's a win-win for both sides!


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