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ATM Solutions

CT ATM serves a variety of businesses in order to provide cash access solutions for many situations.

Convenience Store/Gas Station

Statistics have proven the benefits of ATM terminals in convenience stores to include a significant increase in sales traffic, increase of overall sales by up to 25% due to last minute, “impulse buying”, extended shopping hours beyond the traditional 9AM-5PM limits and most importantly an influx of cash revenue from transaction fee income.

Hair Salon

Salons/Barber Shops

An on-site ATM machine at your salon/barber shop encourages customers to use cash instead of credit cards. More cash usage reduces fees and, more importantly, generates cash tips for the business services.

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Having an ATM in your bar makes it easy for customers in many ways.  If you offer lottery, cash typically is the only form of payment accepted.  The availability of an ATM also allows your bartending staff to receive cash tips more often.

Bar Interior
Liquor Bottles

Liquor Stores

Typically, your customers start their evening with a visit to your liquor store knowing they will require cash later that night. Their plans may include stops at nightclubs or gaming venues. Your on-site ATM presents them with their first opportunity to grab the cash they'll use to gamble or to tip bartenders.

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Guests appreciate the convenience of cash accessibility when it's needed. Having an ATM machine in your hotel which is available on a 24/7 basis is a guest convenience that will be used, regardless of if your guests are staying for pleasure or work purposes.

Lawyer in Lobby
Laundry Dryer


Laundry machines may require cash that a customer doesn't enter your business already having in their pocket. They will be aware they can go to the laundromat to wash their clothes and access cash via your on-site ATM in order to pay for this service. Customers will always rely on convenience, which ATMs are designed to easily provide!

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